How to Close Large Pores?

Large pores can lead to facial problems like acne and blackheads, especially for people with oily skin. Exposing to the sun for too long can also contribute to open pores. Below are 2 easy and natural home remedies to minimize pores:
1. Ice: Ice helps to shrink large pores and is often use before applying makeup. Take a few ice cubes in a clean washcloth and hold it on your skin for 15 to 30 seconds. Do this a few times daily.
2. Egg White: Egg whites are used to minimize enlarged pores because they tone and tighten the skin. Egg white masks are also great for oily skin people because it draws excess oil out of the skin. Simply spread an egg evenly on your face, cover your skin with pieces of tissue paper, allow it to dry completely, and then rinse it off. Do this once or twice a week.

Source: Top 10 Home Remedies